Real Gravy

Real Gravy

@ The Padington Arms We Love Real Gravy!!


I remember as a child Sunday morning was an absolute tradition in our household where the tribe was woken and readied to leave home in time for 8.00 o’clock mass. 

Prior to leaving the leg of roast went into the oven using the simple old fashioned way of adding some dripping from the previous weeks roast into the pan, placing the leg in the very large roasting dish and into the oven it went, where it remained until close to midday. 

About that time the vegetables were added in copious amounts while the roast was removed and allowed to rest ready for carving.  Once the vegetables were roasted most of the juices were removed from the pan back into the dripping tin with a couple of tablespoons left into the pan. 

The pan was then placed on the element and as the residue heated a couple or three tablespoons of flour was added.  This was stirred until fully cooked into a roux and allowed to brown a little to give the gravy colouring.

The juices from the boiled vegetables were then added along with a teaspoon or two of marmite.  Seasoning was adjusted with salt and pepper and walla – there you have it – mum’s real gravy.

Over the years we all tended to move away from that style of gravy using modern products such as powdered bullions, stocks etc to make what become acceptable but nowhere near as tasty a gravy. 

These days as I approach the third age I have really got to appreciate the value of real gravy, made the old traditional way, and this is exactly what we are now doing at Paddington Arms, the gravy is rich, full of flavour and all natural with no added artificial powders, boosters, flavourings or anything else and we are absolutely delighted with it.  We use it on our bangers and mash, lambs fry & bacon all our slowed braised meats and of course our Roasts.

 ~Graham Hawkes
Executive Chef and Owner of Paddington Arms


Tell us why you love real Gravy!!!

2 Responses to “Real Gravy”

  • Wendy:

    Like you I grew up with Sunday roasts. Cooked in a coal range to I might add. The smell of a roast cooking in the coal range is just magic. The smell of any roast cooking brings back many happy memories of my childhood. Mum made gravy the same way you do & she taught all her children (9 of us) to do the same.

    Packet gravy just doesn’t taste the same – I only use them on the odd occasion.

    Despite all the health experts telling us how bad it is to use dripping to cook roast I still do & they just don’t taste the same if you don’t.

  • Linda McMeeking:

    Brilliant memories Graham. I grew up the same way. Except for the mass. Every Sunday lunch was Roast Day. Made exactly the same way. Oooooh! The memories of those roasts. Made even better in the winter by Jam Roly Poly for pudding. No wonder I was a chubby child, followed by a chubby adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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