Paddington Arms - Invercargill's home of the family roast!
Paddington Arms - Invercargill's home of the family roast!

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Paddington’s All Day Menu

Paddington’s  loaf with spreads and dips - $7.70
Paddington’s toasted cheesy garlic bread - $7.70

Soup of the day served with
Paddington Arms toasted bread - $9.90

Our rich and creamy chowder full of local seafood with
Paddington’s bread alongside - $11.90

Shrimp cocktail the old fashioned way
on shredded lettuce leaves topped
with cocktail sauce and roasted cashew nuts - $16.50

Crumbed plump scallops: Entrée of 6 with salad garnish - $17.50

Lightly battered king prawns: Entrée of 8 with a salad garnish and sweet chilli sauce Entrée $17.50

“Mince on Toast” savoury mince stew, upon country style
toast with ‘bubble and squeak’ & soft poached
free range eggs on top - $17.50

Paddington Arms all day brunch including pork sausage,
homemade bubble and squeak, roasted mushroom,
farmhouse baked beans, smoked bacon,
buttery toast & poached free range eggs - $18.50

Paddington Arms Sandwiches
served on toasted focaccia with mustard, cheese and lettuce with fruit sauce and fries on the side
Prime Steak - $18.50
B.L.T. - $17.50
London Burger with a free range egg on top - $18.50

Paddington Arms bangers and mash
the best local Cumberland sausages on creamy mustard mash sautéed cabbage and Paddington’s REAL GRAVY all served in a yorkshire pudding - $17.50

Pan cooked Lambs Fry with belly bacon and caramelised onion on mustard mash and REAL GRAVY - $15.50

Paddington’s Pea Pie and Pud

Our pies are made using Paddington’s REAL GRAVY
served with creamy mash and minted mushy peas

Steak and kidney cobbler - $16.50
Steak and English porter pie - $16.50
Lancashire hot pot - $16.50

Paddington Arms roast prime beef in a Yorkshire pudding
with a home made REAL GRAVY roast potatoes
and peas - $16.50

Paddington Arms fish & chips fresh local blue cod
crumbed or beer battered served with a tossed green salad
and chunky fries
1 x fillet  - $19.00
2 x fillets - $27.00

Paddy’s vegetable curry served with braised rice - $16.50

Paddy’s Butter Chicken alongside coconut
rice and poppadam - $19.50

Leafy salad of toasted walnuts cherry tomatoes grilled haloumi cheese and our Dijon mustard vinaigrette - $17.00
Add grilled belly bacon - $18.50

Paddington’s steak eggs and chips
  with chunky chips and tossed salad - $27.00

Paddington’s prime porterhouse steak
with either mushroom sauce or herb and garlic butter
with a side salad and chunky fries - $29.50

Crumbed plump scallops (12) alongside a green salad,
chunky fries and tartare sauce - $29.50

Lightly battered king prawns (16) alongside a green salad,
fries and sweet chilli sauce - $27.00

Paddington’s mixed grill of best sausage, venison pattie,
lamb cutlet, bacon, prime beef, grilled tomato and bbq sauce
with fries or mash and salad - $29.50

Braised lamb shank (s) on our creamy calcannon potatoes
and our braising REAL GRAVY one shank - $22.50
two shanks - $29.00


All $5.50 each

Creamy mash or mustard mash

Bowl of chunky fries with aioli

Dressed mushrooms

Leafy green salad

Two free range eggs

Seasonal vegetables

Gravy boat of Paddington’s REAL GRAVY

Paddington’s Weekend Brunch Additions

(Available on Saturday Sunday and public holidays
from 11am - 3 pm)

Chocolate chip pancakes with berries fruits
roasted walnuts butterscotch sauce and cream fraiche - $18.50

Eggs benedict with fresh grilled carved leg ham
or smoked salmon, toasted  bread, baby spinach,
poached free range eggs & hollandaise sauce - $18.50

Devilled kidneys on thick toast with belly bacon and eggs - $18.50

Toasted mushroom Bruschetta topped with scrambled eggs
and belly bacon and rocket - $18.50

 v Sweet corn fritter stack with coddled eggs roasted tomato,
basil oil, tomato relish and toasted rustic bread - $16.50

Add belly bacon - $18.50

Paddington’s  After 5 Additions

Eye fillet of prime beef topped with grilled ham
and swiss cheese - $34.00

Surf “N” Turf  prime porterhouse steak
topped with garlic tossed prawns - $31.50

Grilled 300gram prime cube roll with herb and garlic butter
or creamy mushroom or eggs - $31.00

Slowly braised Pork belly on garlic mash
with grilled apple roasted capsicum and leafy salad - $27.00

Baked fillet of hot smoked salmon on potato creamy bubble &
squeak with bearnaise sauce - $28.50

Paddy’s Dixie chicken with potato and bacon haggerty
and salad greens - $27.00

SUNDAY ROAST (only available on Sunday’s)
Your choice of slowly roasted lamb, beef or pork
served with a yorkshire pudding with roasted potatoes
and vegetables, mash,  peas

Paddington’s Kids

Kid’s 2 course lunch or dinner for just $10.00
(12 years or under)

Dixie Chicken & mash
Kid’s fish & chips
Mince on mash with solders
Kid’s roast beef with REAL GRAVY

Kid’s ice cream sundae

Paddington’s Bar Nibbles

Paddington Arms chatter platter $30
Pork scratchings$7.5
Chips cheese and REAL GRAVY$7.5
Chips cheese and chicken with REAL GRAVY$10.5
Pint of freshly cooked whole prawns with
cocktail sauce $15
Basket of chunky fries with sour cream and
chilli sauce $7.5

Paddington’s Desserts

All desserts are $9.50

Spotted dick pudding served with real custard,
cream and ice cream

Paddington’s sherry trifle again with real custard

Chocolate caramel Ice cream sandwich alongside berry fruits
white chocolate sauce and cream

gfBaked cheesecake of the day with berry fruits cream
and ice cream

Apple and rhubarb cobbler with cream and ice cream

Gingerbread topped with kikorangi cheese and poached pear
with spiked figs alongside

Cheese board

A full selection of coffee and tea is available
to complete your visit

Bar Menu

Paddington Arms chatter platter - $30.00

Chips cheese and REAL GRAVY - $7.50

Pint of freshly cooked whole prawns with cocktail sauce - $15.00

Basket of chunky fries,  as is, or with sour cream
and chilli sauce - $7.50

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Paddington Arms Menu as at September 2010

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